In the surrounding area of the wooden cottages JENNY there are a lot of possibilities of sport, rest and relaxation.

Tourism in The Western Tatras (0.5 km)

There are various opportunities for tourism of different levels in the near environment. It is possible to climb Babky, from where you can further continue to Sivý vrch and Zuberec. Another tourist path starts at Bobrovecká valley and continues to Sokol mountain and mountain Mních. Assiduous tourists can pass through Jalovecká valley to several Mountains including Ráztoka, Baníkov or Baranec, or they can visit Žiarska valley.

Cycling routes for begginers and experts (0.5 km) 

Cyklistika LiptovCycling fans will be delighted by the selection of numerous cycling routes, including both road and mountain ones. One of the favourite routes is: Bobrovček – Bobrovecká valley – Žiarska valley – Smrečany – Trstené – Bobrovec -Bobrovček.
Other interesting cycling routes in Liptov region can be found here :


Sheep farms (1 km)

Near to the wooden cottages JENNY you can find several accessible sheep farms offering fresh sheep cheese or sheep’s whey. The nearest sheep farm is approximately 1 km away. If you would like to dulcify your stay with a longer walk in the nature that will end with tasting of these traditional specialities, we recommend to visit sheep farm located only 4 km away from the wooden cottages.


Aquapark Tatralandia (5 km) 

TatralandiaTatralandia Holiday Resort is the is the largest all year-round water fun complex in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. One day is not enough to enjoy all attractions that Tatralandia provides. It is an ideal place for holiday of all age groups. Every member of your holiday group will find his favourite place in the pools with sea, thermal or pure water, on toboggans and slides of different levels, Sauna World or Wellness Centre. 


Liptovská Mara dam     (7 km) 

Liptovská Mara, the biggest dam in Slovakia, offers its visitors not only swimming but also various water sports or boat cruises. You only have to choose at



Town Liptovský Mikuláš  (10 km) Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovský Mikuláš, a district town, offers its visitors various services and sports, cultural and social activities. It is a birthplace and home of many famous personalities. You can reveal history by visiting numerous museums and monuments scattered throughout whole town. You can enjoy pleasant idleness in cafes, restaurants or in local brewery.

Demänovská Ice Cave (15 km)

Demänovská Cave of Liberty (17 km)

Stanišovská cave – Liptovský Ján (20 km)

Open-air museum Havránok (22 km)

Gino Paradise Bešeňová (25 km)

Chopok Jasná – Nízke Tatry (25 km)

Open-air museum Pribylina (28 km)

Town Ružomberok (35 km)

Vysoké Tatry (50 km)

Town Poprad (65 km)